Lowest Price Guarantee

Woodify.net offers the best prices in whole Europe. This is not only an assertion but also a promise. For this reason we can offer you the lowest price on all Lemax and Luville products as well as the Black Box Tree products and Triumph Trees. If this is the case and you have found an internet website that sells the given brands for a cheaper price, please let us know. Please remember to compare the products excluding the VAT.

Please note the following conditions:
•     The product needs to be in stock and immediately available for delivery at the cheaper shop.
•     When you have made a purchase already but encounters a lower price, difference in price will be redeemed at the next order.
•     The products that qualify for the lowest price guarantee are new, complete and original packaged.
•    Woodify.net should be able to check the price difference on an open and public website.
•     Products that are sold from a clearance sales, auction sales, bankruptcy sales, wholesale sales, demo models, internet marketplaces, damaged products or products outside the EU will not be eligible for the lowest price guarantee.
•     The lowest price guarantee does not apply when there is abnormal delivery. For this reason we take the shipping and handling in the comparison on the basis of section 1 including the shipping costs.
•     Excluded from the lowest price guarantee are price changes that are made by the manufacturers for the entire market
•     When there is doubt or uncertainty about the accuracy of the price offered and / or terms and conditions, in the opinion of Woodify.net will make the final decision.
•     We need to be able to check the price. Please send us a link of the other party in your request. Prices obtained by telephone appointments, verbal agreements, emails, etc. are not checked by us and do not go in there.
•     The lowest price guarantee only applies to new purchases, it is not the case that you will receive the price difference for past orders.
If you think you are qualified for the lowest price guarantee you can send an email to service_uk@woodify.eu within 3 working days after the invoice date with the following information:

- Your name, mailing address and e-mail address
- A complete and clear description of the product.
- A link to the product page where you have seen the cheaper product(s).