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How can I place an order?
When you want to place an order at Woodify, please follow the steps below.

Adding a product to your shopping cart :
1. First you need to look for a product of your preference. There are several ways to look for products:
(a) By clicking on one of the main categories – tabs, i.e. Christmas Village .

(b) By clicking on one or more selection option under Navigate to:
A brand, category, year of introduction, ... (c) Or by clicking on the depicted images of the products that have already been selected.

2. If you have selected a product, click on the button shopping cart ” . Your product has been added to your shopping cart that is visible on your top right corner. The total price is shown in your shopping cart.

3. If you would like to add more products to your shopping chart, please repeat step 1 and/or 2.

After you have selected one or more products from the Woodify’s product range and you’ve added them to your shopping cart you can proceed with your order by clicking on the shopping cart on your right hand corner.

Your shipping cart will be visible. Click on the orange button “ proceed to checkout”.

You are now on the order page .
The first step is to provide your name and address by filling in the blanks. There are several options to do so:
(1) If you are already a customer of Woodify you would have log in credentials. Click on the orange button Do you have already an account? Click here to log in. When you have done so, a pop-up will appear where you can log in to your account. Your information has already been stored so you only have to check in the box of send to the same address or you can add a new shipping address. .
(2) If you are not a customer of Woodify, and would not wish to be, you can fill in your details under billing address.
Hereafter you have the option whether you would like to use your given address to receive the invoice.
(3) If you are not a customer of Woodify but would like to be, follow step 2 but check the box create an account for the next visit

When you are a customer of FelinaWworld, it can offer you many benefits:
- You only have to fill in your details once, hereafter you can log in with your credentials;
- - You can earn points when making a purchase, writing reviews or suggesting new customers to our web shop.
- The more you order, the higher the customer category (bronze, silver, gold, premium) which allows you to get a higher discount percentage;
- You always have access and an overview on your purchase history;
- - You always have access and an overview on your purchase history; - You are the first to receive special announcements .

When your name and address are filled in,you can continue with the shipping options under 2 shipping and the 3 payment options

Don’t forget to check your name and address after you’ve placed an order, and accept the terms and conditions by checking in the boxes

Your details are safely stored with us. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy

In addition you have the possibility to read or save the terms and conditions as a PDF file to your own computer.

hen you now click on the orange button ”buy” with the payment option of your preference, you will automatically be directed to the secure payment (of payment provider Ogone) or directly to the last step of the order process of placed order .

When you are directed to the secure payment of Ogone, plase follow the steps that will automatically guide you through the payment process. You will then be directed to the last step that your order has been placed ”.

Congratulations!! Your order have been placed. You will directly receive an confirmation right after you have placed an order. This automated confirmation is sent to you per email within 2 minutes. In this email confirmation you will see the overview of the order you have placed.

What happens after you placed an order?
1. After placing an order, we will keep in touch with you by email until your order has been shipped.
2. Even after you have received your order, you are able to contact us for any questions.

If you have questions regarding our webshop, we will give you an answer the best we can. You can always contact us by email or by phone.