How do I send my product for repair ?

Warranty period

FelinaWorld is an official retailer and all of the articles purchased in our shop are covered by manufacturer garantees. Your product is guaranteed for a period of 12 months for the moment of its delivery.

Product malfunctioning during the guarantee period

When your product is malfunctioning while being under guarantee, please contact customer service to notify the problem and issue a repair request. 

Information about your order and about the concerned article(s)

We will firstly need to have your name, email, your order number, date of delivery and the reference of article concerned.

Information about the issue

We will then ask you to describe the issue and to provide us with all the possible information to understand its nature. We need photos (and sometimes when necessary short videos) that show the evidence of the problem. Then you can also provide us with additional information such as specific findings and tests you may have tried to confirm a malfunctioning product (like using other batteries or another adapter for instance). 

What will happen next

With all of this information, Customer service will assess the situation and together with you come to a solution. When the product needs to be returned for repair, customer service shall issue a return label and inform you about the retour procedure with the transporter. 

You can initiate a guarantee repair request here.


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